2018's Top Uses for Just A Shelf! RV's, Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, and Cabinet Shelves

Organize your life one shelf at a time!

Just a Shelf is the most useful and versatile shelf that has ever been invented.  It can literally be installed in seconds just about anywhere you can imagine. From Spice Racks to Shower Caddy's and Garage Organizers to Kitchen Cabinets the uses for Just A Shelf are endless... "Where do you need one?"

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1. RV Cabinets and Travel Trailers

RV storage shelfThe best part about Just a Shelf is you can easily install and remove it for temporary use.  It can also be installed permanently if you want to keep you things from sliding around in your cabinets there is not a better product than Just A Shelf.  They can also be installed near the bed so you can store your phone water and flashlight while sleeping.  




2. A Shower Caddy for Any Shower 

If you don't have a shelf in your shower or bath Just A Shelf can be installed to Shower Caddy Shower Shelvesgive you the extra room you need to store your Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Loofa, or Bath Salts.  Like many households we often share a bathroom and Shower Shelves are usually limited.  Now we have the solution!  Just A Shelf can be  the saving grace in every bath or shower.  It give you added storage space so you don't have to bend down or constantly drop you items out of the tub. 

3. Garage Organization

The best ways to store your spray paint, WD-40, and other common garage Garage Storage Shlefitems is Just A Shelf.  I have 4 installed in my garage and they hold everything including Nails, Spray Cans, Cleaners, and Shop Towels.  Don't let your garage get out of control.  It seems to be the place that every household lets get cluttered.  


4. Kitchen Cabinets

What does under your sink look like?  If you are like the rest of us it is probably cluttered with trash bags, 409, Windex, Dish Soap and Sponges.  If you think about the wasted space you can easily imagine the possibilities of installing a Just A Shelf under your sink.  You will not ever be on your hand and knees looking for the trash bags or cleaning supplies.  

The second most common area for needing some extra shelf space is in Spice Rack Spice Shelfyour spice cabinet.  Cooking brings families together and in every kitchen organizing your spices can be a challenge.  Most kitchens have limited space for small and commonly used spices.  You can easily add the extra storage you need and have get your spices organized with our Just A Shelf used as a Spice Rack.  Adding These Spice Racks to your pantry will greatly increase your spice rack storage space.  You will never have to be sifting through dozens of spices to find the cinnamon you need.  


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